Top Excuses for Not Booking a Boudoir Experience (and why they’re all BS)

After years specializing in boudoir and photographing 200+ women, I’ve heard all of the excuses for not booking the boudoir experience they’ve secretly wanted for years– the insecurities, the assumptions, and the questioning of their worthiness. And I’m guessing that a couple of these thoughts have wandered into your mind as well…

But the one regret women end up telling me by the end of their experience? They wish they wouldn’t have let those fears hold them back for so long.

I wanted to write this to show you all that no matter the excuse your brain has convinced you of, you CAN do this! You are worthy of self love and acceptance just as you are. It’s time to stop holding yourself back from the self love experience you deserve.

“I don’t have the time.”

I get it. I also struggle with prioritizing time for myself. When there’s a million things to do and just about as many people (it seems) needing something from you, taking time away can feel impossible or even selfish.

But I promise you, investing time in yourself is NOT selfish. You have to fill up your cup to do your best pouring into others. And I know THAT is important to you. You can’t be the best version of you (what the people that depend on you need) when you yourself are depleted.

Think of all the energy you’ll save on a daily basis if you stop comparing yourself to others and worrying about how others’ perceive you. You’ get to see where your beauty really comes from and this lifts such a huge mental weight. You will feel a huge mental weight disappear when you see yourself in a new light and finally realize you were enough all along.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that you not only deserve but NEED to take time for yourself- imagine how amazing it would feel to be celebrated, pampered, heard, and SEEN after a day of empowerment (makeover, hype team, massage, and seeing gorgeous photos of yourself) dedicated to YOU.

“I need to lose weight before I book a boudoir session.”

No. You don’t. You don’t need to lose weight to do anything you want to do. Despite what a multi-billion dollar diet industry would like you to believe.

Instead of imagining booking a boudoir experience when you hit your “goal weight,” imagine what it would be like to see your body the way it is today as beautiful, worthy, and ENOUGH. How powerful would that be?

To know that you are worthy of your own love, respect, and acceptance. To see the beauty in your perceived imperfections. To see yourself as a whole, worthy human being instead of hyper focusing on what you’ve been taught to feel insecure about.

You would be rewarded with the confidence of knowing that society is WRONG. You are enough. Just as you are.

“I never feel sexy/sensual or confident or even beautiful so I don’t think boudoir is for me.”

WRONG. This excuse is actually the EXACT reason you SHOULD do a boudoir shoot. Whether you were taught to feel shame about your sexuality (or sensuality) or you’ve simply lost touch with that side of yourself, a boudoir experience is a great opportunity to reconnect and express that part of you.

You don’t have to “fake it til you make it” or try to fit inside the box of what our society has deemed as sexy (feeling like a sex object for the male gaze). Instead, I want to empower you to embrace your very own brand of sexy.

That means you don’t HAVE to wear super sexy clothing/ lingerie. If you feel like this doesn’t show your personality, then there are so many other outfit ideas. If you need ideas, you can get inspired by this blog featuring outfits past clients have worn that aren’t lingerie! Or book a free consultation and we can brainstorm together.

“I’m not photogenic and wouldn’t know how to pose. I’m afraid of looking awkward.”

I want to challenge this. Are you not photogenic or does the person taking your photo not know about lighting, camera angles, and composition? Are you not photogenic or are you just not being directed at all by the person behind the iPhone? Are you not photogenic or have you just been comparing yourself to influencers that make money knowing how to pose?

I have good news for you- posing, directing, lighting, and angles are MY JOB. Not yours. In the WMNKND studio, you’ll be guided and directed 100%. You won’t be left wondering what to do, where to look, or what your hands are supposed to be doing. I’ll pose you from head to toe and even demonstrate every pose before I ask you to do anything. I’ll even let you peak at the back of the camera so we can put those nerves to rest immediately when you see that you are KILLING IT.

As an added bonus, I’ll let you in on my posing secrets to take with you the next time your friend whips out their iPhone for a quick photo.

“I don’t know what I would wear.”

I don’t expect you to be the expert on what to wear for your boudoir photo session. Instead, I’ve created multiple resources to help you express your style and personalize your boudoir photos. One of these is a Boudoir Style Guide that each client will receive before their day of empowerment. It covers lingerie cuts, colors, and materials to look for when shopping. It also covers different outfits, props, and accessories that you can bring into the studio to remind you of this phase in your life when you’re looking back at your photos decades from now.

Besides the Boudoir Style Guide, I’ve also created a Boudoir Lingerie Master List with my favorite lingerie brands to shop for our client closet. You’ll find over 30 lingerie brands that are size-inclusive with amazing values (and quality) that you’ll be excited to support.

And if you don’t want bring your own lingerie or go shopping before your boudoir experience, don’t worry. We also have a VIP Client Closet with tons of photogenic lingerie options ranging in size from XS-5X.

“I don’t really have a reason to do a boudoir session or anyone to give the photos to.”

Who said you have to have a reason to do something you’ve always wanted to do? That should be reason enough! And for most of our clients, it is.

I say that because the vast majority of our clients book their boudoir experience for themselves. Whether it is to empower themselves, boost their confidence, celebrate all that they have overcome, reconnect with their bodies, challenge body dysmorphia, take back their power, heal after loss, remind themselves who tf they are, etc.

You are reason enough, my friend.

“A boudoir shoot is an investment that I’m not sure I can justify.”

Yes, a boudoir shoot IS an investment. But it is an investment in yourself. You are investing in your self love journey, body image healing, and self esteem. And for that, there’s a pretty good return on investment. Imagine what you are capable of when you are no longer holding yourself back due to insecurities.

Also, we do offer payment plans! There is a booking fee to get you on the calendar and after that we can set up a payment plan for your prints and products. There are no additional fees, credit checks, or interest to do this and nearly half of our clients opt for a payment plan. Bonus: you don’t even have to have it paid off before coming into the studio for your day of empowerment!

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